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An XCMD which displays a dialog window containing a status message and a progress bar, to give feedback on the progress of lengthy operations.


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This simple XCMD allows you to give some feedback when a lengthy operation is being performed. It puts up a Finder-style progress dialog, which contains a couple of lines of text and a rectangular bar indicating how much of a task has been completed

The window is created with the create command, and controlled through the use of the comment, progress and heading properties.

Example script

on mouseUp
  Progress create,"hello mum!",,"Times",18
  show window progress
  repeat with n = 1 to 20
    set the progress of window "progress" to n/20
    set the comment of window "progress" to "n is" && n
    wait 10 ticks
  end repeat
  close window "progress"
end mouseUp

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