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Bookmark Thing

The current version is 1.0. The latest release notes are available here.

Bookmark Thing is a bookmark assistant that stores each bookmark in a seperate file, allowing you to uses the Finder and Apple Menu to organize, sort, search and launch them.

It was designed with the following principles in mind:

Bookmark Thing can "adopt" bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Netscape, CyberFinder, Fetch, Anarchie, AOL and MacOS 8.5. It can also extract a set of bookmarks from any html document.

You can download Bookmark Thing here. For further information, you can read the documentation here.

Copyright & Payment

Bookmark Thing is Copyright (C) 1998 Sam Deane / Elegant Chaos. All Rights Reserved. It is covered by our standard software disclaimer.

Bookmark Thing is $20 shareware. You can pay for it online using a secure form and a credit card, or by post, phone or fax using a registration program, which you can download here.


I'd like to thank the designers and authors of the software tools that I used to make Bookmark Thing. These guys rarely get a mention, but without them, most of the software we use wouldn't exist.

Particular thanks go out to:

Metrowerks Corp for CodeWarrior™ and PowerPlant™.

Ramon M. Felciano for the Mercutio MDEF.

MindVision Software for Installer VISE, which they kindly license for free to shareware authors. For more information on Installer VISE, contact: MindVision Software, 7201 North 7th Street Lincoln, NE 68521-8913. Voice: (402) 477-3269. Fax: (402) 477-1395. Email: WWW: