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Carbonised Script Runner Beta 1/2/02
Because I've been so busy recently, and haven't had time to package up a full release, I have decided to make a pre-release beta version available. For more information see here.
That Game 11/4/01
In answer to all the questions I've been getting about you know what (and you know who you are)... yes it is happening. Once an official announcement has been made I will probably try to do some sort of development diary to keep people up to date with my progress.

One thing I would like to say at this stage - don't be unrealistic about time expectations, and don't read too much into the date of my original post - these deals often take a long time to get going! Although I have had the code for a while, and I have been doing quite a lot of preparatory work, I have also been waiting for the goalposts to stop moving. Probably more relevant is the fact that it's a big, complicated project - which will take time to do right.

It's gonna be a cracker...

Championship Manager 3.90 Patch 11/4/01
Yes, another of my distractions has been the dreaded player attributes bug on CM. This one has finally been hammered I'm glad to say (and turned out not to be a mac problem at all, of course). You can get the new patch from the Feral website.
Oni Done 11/4/01
I've been doing all sorts of things since the last news item was posted. Apart from moving offices, one of the major ones was building the Mac versions of the French, German, Spanish and Italian localizations of Oni. Funny how such a seemingly simple job can transform itself into an epic...

Still, it's done now, and you should be seeing the various european versions of Oni coming out of Feral any time soon.

Next Port Will Be Monochrome 4/12/00
As if I haven't taken enough punishment over the last year porting TPW, I am pleased to announced that we have signed up for another porting project. It's going to be one of the biggest game releases on the PC next year, and happily we've got the job of bringing it to the mac. I can't say any more yet, but the title of this news item ought to give you a clue...
UK Mac Dev Update 4/12/00
The U.K. macintosh programming group (uk-mac-dev) is still going strong - we have a mailing list and a monthly meeting in london. If you know any U.K. based mac programmers who might be interested, tell them to send a mail to
CM 00/01 Coming Soon 3/12/00
Now that Theme Park World is out of the way, we've managed to get the Championship Manager 00/01 update done. The new game is at the factory, and should be in the shops this week. In the meantime, you can download the demo, and pre-order the real thing, from the web site of publishers Feral Interactive.
Theme Park World / Sim Theme Park Finished! 17/11/00
For most of the last year I have been working on porting this game, originally produced by Bullfrog, onto the Mac. It has been a long slog, but it's finally done! Should be out in early december.

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