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CD Server

The current version is 1.0. The latest release notes are available here.

CD Server is a client/server solution that lets you control the audio CD drive of one macintosh from another computer.

Why might you want to do such a weird thing? Well, you might have a server sitting somewhere in the room, with a CD drive in it that is never used, but no monitor or keyboard attached. Or you might be sharing a room with a few other people (and computers), but only have one really decent pair of speakers. Or you might have an old mac that you could use to play audio cds. Or you might have a desktop machine and a powerbook, and not want to have to bother plugging the powerbook into a set of decent speakers every time you want to play music. Or you might be a programmer like me, and keep having to interrupt audio cds on your main computer to refer to documentation on CD-ROM, or to reboot.

In all these cases, once you have installed CD Server on the server machine, you can control it's audio cd functions remotely, leaving your other machine's CD drive free for CD roms. You can even use a web browser or telnet connection to control the cd drive from a PC or UNIX machine.

You can download CD Server here. For further information, you can read the user guide here.

Copyright & Payment

CD Server is Copyright (C) 1999 Elegant Chaos. All Rights Reserved. It is covered by our standard software disclaimer.

CD Server is $20 shareware. You can pay for it online using a secure form and a credit card, or by post, phone or fax using a registration program, which you can download here.