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Sam's Clock

This was virtually my first Mac application, way back in 1989! It's an analogue clock, which sits on your desktop in a nice little round window and, well, basically just tells the time.

If you haven't already got enough scheduling software on your mac, you can also use it to set alarms.

Finally, for those with small screens (or who just like bizarre features), you can put the clock into a mode where it has a see-through hole in the middle, so that it can be positioned on top of something (the trash can for example), without totally obscuring it.


You can download the clock here.

Copyright & Pricing

Sam's Clock is Copyright (C) 1997 Sam Deane and Elegant Chaos.

It is $10 shareware, and can be purchased via Kagi, either online, or using the registration application, which you can download here.