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The following public mailing lists are provided/moderated by Elegant Chaos.

UK Mac Developers

This list is intended as a discussion forum for Macintosh programmers based in the UK. There aren't many of us any more, so a bit of networking is always a good idea...

We also organise a regular monthly meeting in London, at a pub. This is generally an informal opportunity to gossip, talk shop and/or drink beer!

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Elegant Chaos Announce

This is a very low volume (a few messages a month), moderated mailing list, which we use to mail out announcements about new products, updates, etc.

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A Note About YahooGroups

These mailing lists are moderated by us, but provided by YahooGroups, which is an independent service (i.e. nothing to do with Elegant Chaos).

YahooGroups provide free mailing lists, to anyone who wants them, supported by three lines of unintrusive advertising at the end of each message.