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This isn't an employee page, but these are some of the friends, colleagues and collaborators who's work I admire, and who I might well end up working with on future Elegant Chaos projects.

amos deane

Amos is a composer and musician, as well as being the deranged mind behind Pond Life. He also happens to be my brother!

james dolan

James is a multimedia all-rounder who has worked on websites, cd-roms, computer animation, and all sorts of other gubbins. He also lectures at the Royal College of Art in London. James and I have done numerous jobs together, but we first met whilst working on the World Music project at Real World. James likes to pretend that he has no hair, but I think it's a lie.

josh portway

What can I say about Josh? One of the most creative people I know, and also a jolly nice chap. What's that Josh? yes... a cheque will be fine...

He works at Real World, doing...err... creative stuff with computers. We met when I worked there, doing stuff too... If you want stuff done, we're the team for you...

tom smith

I recently saw Tom describe himself as a researcher/ designer / programmer / HCI'er. Need I say more? Well, ok, but only to mention that he's one of those people who is capable of coming at a problem from a completely different angle from everyone else (well, from me anyway). This can be infuriating when I ask him what he thinks about my latest piece of software, but he's invariably right...

Tom no longer works at ULTRALAB. He also writes most of the songs in the band that I play with.

caroline parsons

Caroline is a computer animation and multimedia specialist. She did lots of cool swirly animations for the Sophie's World project at MMC, which is where I got to know her.


Ultralab is a research centre, think-tank, and general hot-bed of good ideas on the broad subject of education and technology.