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Name: Sam Deane
Phone: (available on request)
Date of birth: 12th November, 1969
Computer Science BSc (1st Class Hons), Bristol University.

Employment History

Present Day, Freelance Programmer and Shareware Author.

Clients include Feral Interactive, FilmFour / Channel 4, Abbey Road Studios, Real World, The Economist, NoHo Digital, Multimedia Corporation, Bristol University, Apple UK.

Recent work includes porting games from Windows to the Mac (Theme Park World, Championship Manager), and a Windows/Mac screensaver for FilmFour.

Also OpenGL, Java Beans, Quicktime Java Programming, Perl CGI scripting (UNIX/NT/Mac), Multimedia authoring (Mac/Win), Plugin writing in C/C++ (Xtras, Scripting Additions, Modifiers etc), AppleScript and Filemaker work.

Current shareware projects include Yatch (Mac; C++), Bookmark Thing (Mac; C++ & PowerPlant), a number of mTropolis plugins (Mac/Win; C++), and a number of JavaBeans.

1996 - 1997, Real World Multimedia

Design and implementation of an interrupt based architecture for mixing, generating, filtering and synchronising multiple sound channels (C++; Mac/Win).

Design and implementation of a C++ framework for the creation of mTropolis plugins. Coding of a number of plugins for mTropolis (C++; Mac/Win).

Assorted mTropolis, facespan, filemaker and applescript scripting.

1996, Multimedia Corporation

Quicktime, graphics and general programming for Sophie's World (C; Mac/Win). Tools programing (Supercard; Mac).

1992 - 1996, ULTRALAB

Design and implementation of software architectures and user interfaces. Investigation of next generation authoring systems - ScriptX, SK8 and Apple Dylan.

Software: various educational multimedia software packages, including 'Le Carnaval des Animaux', the engine for the Quay2 Training On CD range, and the prototype immersive authoring system Aardvark (Mac; Hypercard, Supercard, Prograph, Macromind Director, C, C++, Pascal).

Web: html authoring; development of early wysiwyg html editor; CGI scripts; CGI prototyping engine Hydra (Mac; Applescript, Supercard, Prograph, and Apple Dylan).

1988 - 1989, Centre for Educational Studies
Kings College, London.

My work at Kings College included the completion of the TForm software (DOS; Pascal & Basic), and the development of a CAL training package (Mac; Hypercard) for Apple UK limited.

Published Software

Championship Manager 00/01 (Feral Interactive 2000)
Theme Park World - known as Sim Theme Park in the states (Feral Interactive 2000)
Championship Manager 99/00 (Feral Interactive 1999)
Yatch (Elegant Chaos 1998)
Bookmark Thing (Elegant Chaos 1997)
Chaos Modifiers (Elegant Chaos 1997)
Drum (Real World 1997)
Sophie's World (MMC/MacMillan 1997)
Training On CD Series (Quay 2 1996)
Le Carnival Des Animaux (ULTRALAB 1995)
Xploratorium Workrooms (Xploratorium/ULTRALAB 1992)

Skills & Experience

Over 15 years of programming experience; over 10 of those as a Macintosh programmer.

I place more emphasis on an ability to learn new things quickly than I do on encyclopedic knowledge of any one system. However, just for the record, here are some buzzwords:

Java, Dylan, ScriptX, SK8, mTropolis, OpenGL, Director, Hypercard/Supercard, C++, C, Pascal, AppleScript, Prograph CPX, Perl, Prolog, Miranda, Smalltalk, Occam, BASIC, 68XXX, PowerPC, Z80. Object oriented frameworks (Dylan, MacApp, PowerPlant, ABC).

Design skills: software architectures; library & framework design; user interface

Experience of: OOP & OODL, multimedia & educational software, networking (tcp/ip, smtp, http/cgi, ftp, etc), client/server, Quicktime & Mac OS Toolbox, compiler design, functional programming, logic programming.


I'm a big music fan, listening to all sorts from minimalist to ambient to jazz to rock to, well, very loud things. I prefer my music unclassifiable if possible. I also like to participate, and play bass guitar in a band.

I read a lot. I'm interested in current affairs, listen to BBC radio a lot, don't watch much t.v., learn Tai Chi with a really good teacher, and enjoy playing and following football.

In the computer science field, my interest are broad, but I'm particularly keen on developing authoring tools, object oriented languages, genetic algorithms and artificial life.

Most of all, I'm looking for the opportunity to do interesting, creative and original work with smart people.